Cup + Coffee Supreme

We've been thinking for a while now about what we want to do as a company and where we are heading in the future. Being friends with the guys from Coffee Supreme in Melbourne we knew they were looking to expand on quality over quantity and therefore looking at establishing themselves in QLD. We approached them to see if they were interested in teaming up in QLD as how we both did business and with the people involved, it felt like a good fit.

As a business in QLD we are all still personally involved and excited to team up with Coffee Supreme and improve on what we are currently doing. While the branding may change to Coffee Supreme over the next few months, our style of coffee and who we are will remain the same and only expand to be better, including how we source coffee and roast. We always aim to be better at everything we do and will continue to do so. If you don’t already know Coffee Supreme you should visit

We are still roasting and will continue to roast our Five Star Day blend. Send us an email if you want to buy some.

Also look out for a new project from Cup Coffee in the near future.